January 15, 2022

Taking Care of Burst Pipes

Taking Care of Burst Pipes

When temperatures dip below freezing, the risk of a pipe bursting is higher than ever. If that happens in your home, the clean-up of the aftermath can be even more important than the pipe repair. 

Depending on where the pipe has burst, there might be a number of different areas impacted by the water, including:

  • Electrical systems (contact a professional to help with water damaged electrical systems, there is a high risk of electric shock)

  • Walls, baseboard, or wallpaper

  • Floors or subfloor

  • Furniture, carpet, and other personal items

Our team of restoration professionals can help take the stress and worry out of restoring your home after water damage occurs. Contact the team at CORE by Noble Pro today if you have experienced mild or severe water damage.

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